About Us

Welcome to Ferzu, the next generation social network and online community for furries and furry fandom!

This is a site for folks of a similar mindset—that life is more fun on the furry side. It’s a site for everyone who spent their childhoods a little too interested in cartoon worlds where animals behaved like people. It’s for those of you who couldn’t stop staring at the walking, talking animals at theme parks. For those who always wished they could have been Animorphs. For those who thought they were completely alone until they discovered FurAffinity or DeviantArt. This is a site for doctors, lawyers, waiters, students, executives, dog-walkers, filmmakers and everyone in between. And it's for men and women of every size, shape, color and species. But ultimately, this site is for anyone who feels they belong here. Welcome home.

The Site

Ferzu is part social network, part furry dating site. We've blended the best of both worlds—allowing users to connect with their friends and the community at large and also seek out the people they like for dates, romances, fun or friendships. Ferzu was designed to serve the needs of the furry community and furry fandom—all genders, orientations, races and species. Our primary mission is to help furries to connect, meet furries near them, find furry dates, build the furry community and form long-lasting relationships.

Ferzu was created by Grokio LLC in partnership with furry community members. While the people behind Grokio LLC are not themselves members of the furry community, our lead partner is—and is responsible for managing and moderating the network. We believe strongly in helping sub-communities grow and flourish and we are dedicated to working alongside our furry colleagues to help make Ferzu the network that the furry community deserves.

The Name

If you’re wondering what the name Ferzu means, it might be helpful to say it out loud. Go head, we’ll wait. Well, did you do it? If you did, you probably realized Ferzu is actually a portmanteau (and re-spelling) or the words “fur” and “zoo”. We wanted a name that had meaning for this community, but also felt like a friend’s name. We deliberately chose not to use the spelling “fur” in the title, in part because we like thinking outside the box and in part so that your roommate (or partner) could see it in the browser history without knowing exactly what it meant. Having shared computers at one time or another in our lives, that's something that resonated with the Ferzu team.

Premium Costs

In order to be self-sustaining, Ferzu offers a paid premium option known as Ferzu+. By paying a small monthly fee, premium members have access to special features, unlimited photo viewing and uploading and unlimited e-note use. But it's also important to the Ferzu team that non-paying members can actively engage in the site as well. That's why regular members still have access to basic features (including updating their profiles, posting wall and photo comments, private messaging and more) and are able to view a limited number of photos each day.

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